Email Marketing

Give the people
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Quick and easy communication

As everyone’s lives grow continually busier, people are relying more and more on the companies around them to do all of the hard work. Signing up for newsletters, alerts and notifications that mean that they don’t have to remember anything. By far, the quickest and easiest way to react to this revolution is by email.

Email marketing spend grows 10% year over year.

Force24 helps you get the most from your email marketing efforts

Email marketing

Email marketing

The importance of email to your marketing strategy

  • Speak to prospects regularly and personally without the need for manual intervention
  • Connect with the digital generation in the format they best understand
  • Manage date-based and time-sensitive communications with minimal effort
  • Get direct access to your prospects pocket – wherever they are

Email: your ideal marketing partner

Email is a powerful tool within your marketing strategy with a staggering and rising number of people admitting that it’s a main driver for their online purchasing. Force24’s system allows you to pick and choose the strategies and features that work for you, forgetting the ones that don’t, for a fully customisable approach to integrated marketing.

Customer lifecycle

A sale is not where contact with your customers should end. To maintain their loyalty, they need to feel like you care about more than their wallets. Automated email easily ensures you’re at the top of their list when it comes to making another purchase.

Dynamic content

With Force24, it’s easy to create intelligent and intuitive emails that respond directly to each and every contact’s individual engagement, ensuring everything that your subscribers receive from you is relevant and personal.

Reflex actions

Push and pull contacts through the online journey you want them to take using pre-defined cycles that depend on on-going engagement.

Objection handling

As a non-intrusive form of contact, email is the perfect medium for managing common objections and gentle self-promotion, as the contact will always feel like they’re in control.

Subscription preferences

Allow your subscribers the power to choose exactly what they want to hear from you and when. If they’re not interested in your promotions, don’t tell them. Rewarding them with this respect will reward you in the long run. We promise.


Lead scoring

With the Force24 system, you can pre-define scores for actions off the back of your emails to ensure that you’re treating the engaged prospects with the urgency they require as and when they cross the threshold.

Let us help you to build efficient and effective customer lifecycles

We work as an extension of your own team, with support every step of the way. From building powerful creative to make sure you’re saying and showing your message in the right way, to ensuring your pitch perfect message is being heard with a dedicated team of deliverability experts.

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