Code snippets

Can you build the perfect
email in under 8 minutes?

Pushed for time? Constrained by overspent budgets? Fed up of relying on an external agency?

These are some of the many reasons marketers are producing their own mediocre emails that just don’t hit the spot.

But beautifully designed, fully optimised and cross browser/device compliant assets are within reach – in under 8 minutes!

Introducing Code Snippets – the most powerful, yet easy to use email builder available to marketers.

The 8 minute email challenge
See how it works

Efficient, effective, personal

When a new client comes on board with Force24, our in-house marketing experts create a library of litmus-based branded email assets that can be customised simply, and in minutes, to suit any given campaign.

All component parts of the email are pre-prepared and ready to use, including the header, footer, main hero, call to action block, dynamic content and data linking, All you have to do is drag, drop and go.

Start boosting campaign ROI

Marketers are under increasing pressure to make the very best use of time and budgets. So, by creating engaging emails, in minutes, you’ll achieve better cut through, reduce your reliance on costly agencies and free up precious hours to be creative.
That means less time producing the assets and more time reaping the results from it!

6 steps to the perfect email
Did we mention it takes less than 8 minutes?

Icon Step 1 Start with a campaign idea
Icon Step 2 Select email components from our pre-designed library of branded snippets
Icon Step 3 Drag and drop the components onto your workspace
Icon Step 4 Tweak your content using the simple text editor
Icon Step 5 Don’t worry about mobile, spam or deliverability compliance (we’ve thought of that for you!)
Icon Step 6 Voilà – press send and wait for the conversions!

Need a helping hand?

Our marketing experts like to call themselves ‘process hackers’. Over the years, they’ve started to unpick every element of a marketer’s day, before hacking it, reinventing it and making it amazing. Code Snippets is one result of that hacking – gone are the days of time consuming, costly or average emails!

But our help doesn’t stop there. If you’ve hit a brick wall or need to inject a new dose of creativity into your campaign, contact us to give your comms a boost!

Free training – for life


For the lifetime of your agreement with Force24 you will have access to free online one-to-one training. Our objective is to empower you via training to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

Book Cover: Save 8 hours a week

Want to save 8 hours a week?

Code Snippets is one of the many features Force24 has introduced to save marketers 8 hours each week.

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