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A brief intro to Force24
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A marketing automation strategy to increase ROI

As the only UK based provider of enterprise-level marketing automation, we help to move prospects through their lifecycle, automating their journey. It means speaking to the right person, at the right time, using the right marketing channel.

  • Nurture

    Nurture your prospects until they are ready to buy

    How we nurture
  • Learn

    Learn about your subscribers to gain vital insights

    How we learn
  • Convert

    Convert subscribers when they are ready by listening to buying signals

    How we convert
  • Retain

    Retain customers with powerful tools and strategies.

    How we retain

A user friendly marketing automation platform….?

Can this exist? There is no denying automation principals are complicated, but why should we make do with counter intuitive interfaces and a platform that appears to ignore the wider marketing world. That’s why we have developed a truly intuitive user experience, which allows you to build personalised email, direct mail and SMS campaigns. Creating a far more engaging and real life experience for your contacts.

Campaign and Journey builder

Campaign and Journey builder
  • Enhanced Campaign and Journey builder

    Build professional campaigns in seconds based on templates built specifically for you! Fully mobile compliant and Litmus tested.
  • Live mobile proofing

    View your campaigns on mobile devices during the editing process with our mobile emulator feature.
Query builder

Query builder

  • Build advanced SQL queries in seconds

    Our contact search feature enables you to build complex SQL queries based on contact information, offline POS integrations, as well as browsing and engagement history.
  • Execute in milliseconds

    No matter how large your data set, our search methodology is so robust it can query billions of rows and report within milliseconds.

POS and CRM integration

Our integrations team will connect to your existing POS/CRM applications giving your the flexibility to target contacts based on their online and offline engagement with your brand

Custom throttling

Custom throttling
  • Take control of how your campaigns are delivered

    Campaign success is largely influenced by the speed of delivery. Automated throttling approaches can mean your emails are being delivered 24/7. We allow you to take control and ensure key delivery slots keep your ROI high.
  • A keen eye on credibility

    As a Return Path partner we integrate with the Senderscore.org monitoring system and ensure your mailing IP remains in good health!
Build Multi Channel Automated Campaigns

Build Multi Channel Automated Campaigns

  • Build truly customer centric journeys

    Switch between email, direct mail, SMS and social stages. Giving your contacts a truly integrated and rich experience.
  • Trigger from any data source

    Our data integrations team can work with external data triggers from any source. Allowing you to trigger cross channel nurture campaigns based on any aspect of their engagement with your brand.

Deep Contact Insight

Deep Contact Insight
  • Complete Contact History

    View a complete contact history, detailing every communication you have sent along with each time they have touched your brand. Lead Scoring lets you know just how hot they are right now.
  • Sales Intelligence

    Sales can gain valuable insight into the messages and areas of your brand of most interest to the contact.
Social Integration

Social Integration

  • Re-target contacts across the web, based on triggers

    Search and select specific groups of contacts based on any metric and push specific ads to them via Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.
  • Campaign integration

    Fully integrated with your existing paid search campaigns.

Segment Reporting

Segment Reporting
  • Identify opportunities

    Spot opportunities within your data. Build and segments lists, then run historic reports on your lists to view previous engagement, ROI across previous campaigns.
  • In-depth A/B test analysis

    Build A/B split tests within your data and run multiple campaigns to test campaign performance and data segment performance.
Live Website Engagement

Live Website Engagement

  • Live contact website activity

    Watch our Web Activity screen as contacts engage with your website/s. Learn and understand how contacts navigate through your website with live examples.
  • Develop contact funnels

    Build funnels allowing you to quickly visualise the performance of your website and your data segment.

A platform you can trust

Force24's marketing automation platform is like no other. Truly customer-centric, it delivers endless capabilities via multiple marketing channels, while maintaining lean scalability and optimal performance.

A platform you can trust
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Success stories you can believe in ...

We are proud to work with some of the most exciting, innovative and well-known companies in the UK. This allows our campaigns to push boundaries and achieve a global impact. 


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