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The Force24 marketing automation is packed with powerful, user-friendly and GDPR-compliant features designed to make life easy for the modern marketer. Why have just one tool when you can have the entire toolbox?

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Savvy automation – and compliance – has been made easy.
And we really enjoy working with the team.

Marc Mcloughlin, Managing Director

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Every single feature within our platform is designed to help marketers do their job quicker, slicker and smarter than before. There’s a world of possibility...

Email Design Studio

Build beautiful, compliant and functional emails in under 8 minutes using our unique email design studio.

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Microsite Builder and Page Design Suite

Create, edit and publish professional looking microsites and campaign pages to your domain within minutes. No coding necessary.


Journey Builder

Send qualified leads on a unique journey that nurtures and engages them with personalised, meaningful communications.


Web Activity and E-commerce Tracking

Measure the true impact of your marketing campaigns, by integrating all of your data into our one central hub.

Retarget based on individuals’ varying levels of web engagement and activity, and measure the exact £ return from EVERY campaign you run.


Data Capture

The cornerstone of any marketing plan. Watch your mailing lists swell with qualified leads using Force24’s data capture features.


SMS Design Suite

In the mobile generation, SMS is one of the fastest ways to reach your target audience and create a campaign that’s guaranteed to get you noticed.


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Untha shredding technology

We’ve seen a 44% uplift in the number of enquiries we receive each month as a result of our direct marketing efforts. More importantly, because we can see which pages these contacts have looked at and engaged with across our website, we can hold really relevant conversations with them.

Marcus Brew,
Managing Director

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‘Death by data’ isn’t an issue with Force24. Just slick, simple reporting that’s been fine tuned over the years.

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Icon Auto Segmentation and Reporting Drive greater personalisation, and reap the results, in only a couple of clicks. Maintain accurate segments, and report on list growth or reduction, to ensure your data is perfectly maintained.
Icon Campaign Reporting and Analytics Make informed decisions on future campaigns by analysing results and refining your approach – it’s machine learning made simple!
Icon Segment Tag Reporting Analyse who is truly engaging with your comms and where you need to segment further, with at-a-glance reports without the headache.
Icon Campaign Tag Reporting Understand the performance of every single campaign, at a customer level – the best way to optimise your spend!

Apply tags to campaign at any time to understand the impact of your creative variations, subject line approaches and any other campaign variable. Report on tags as if it were a single campaign.

700 integrations


Integration Suite

Force24 integrates with your existing CRM, monitors website activity and applies business logic that intelligently deploys messages. This is UK marketing automation without the headache.

Free training – for life


For the lifetime of your agreement with Force24 you will have access to free online one-to-one training. Our objective is to empower you via training to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

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