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Blog post picture 3 November 2017
by Force24

GUEST BLOG - What value can Call Intelligence add to the marketing stack?

As our mission is all about helping marketers do their jobs quicker, slicker and smarter, we thought it was about time we mixed up our blog with posts from other industry professionals. If they’ve got advice to offer, we want to share it! So, in the first of our new guest blog series, we invite Nick Ashmore, Head of Marketing at ResponseTap, to provide some insight into the world of Call Intelligence and – more specifically – what value it can add to the marketing stack. Nick, over to you…

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Blog post picture 30 October 2017
by Adam Oldfield

Introducing you to… Force24's new website!

To an outsider looking in, everything has been ticking along as normal at Force24’s Leeds HQ in recent months. But behind the scenes we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to our new website. And ta-dah! After some final tweaking the result of our effort is here! So what do you think?

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Blog post picture 9 October 2017
by Nick Washbourne

Harnessing the power of Trustpilot through marketing automation

There's no getting away from the fact that people are becoming increasingly swayed by the opinions of others, both in their personal and professional lives. So, in this latest blog, we explore how you can harness the mighty power of Trustpilot, through your marketing automation platform...

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