Hardworking and
And that's just our software.

Our mission

Our mission is to take the pain out of marketing automation. To give back marketers the power to be strategic. To do their jobs and do them well. To reduce admin. To ease stress. To irradicate the pain of on-boarding a marketing automation solution.

Our mission is to give great marketers the opportunity to shine.

The story so far...

Force24 is proud to be the only UK-grown marketing automation company, built on a solid foundation of core values which run deep within the business.

We give our clients access to marketing techniques and technology proven to deliver results. We provide the highest quality creative output along side a completely account managed service, delivering results through best practice.

Our values allow each and every individual to shape our business, move forward with purpose, remain lean and agile, and above all, continue to deliver excellent work to our clients.

Our values

We make our
clients feel loved
what we say we're going to do
We under promise
and over deliver
We don't sell to businesses,
we help them
We've got
each others' backs
We listen
twice as much as we speak
We're proud
of our integrity
We think laterally,
could we do this a better way?
We are long term,
not short term
Be exceptional,
be inspiring

Our culture

We believe that culture and success go hand-in-hand. We're creating a culture in everything we do. We understand and care about our people, balancing fierce ambition with careful nurturing and growth of our team.

Our journey

From humble beginnings, Force24 has come a long way. Founded in 2010 by enterprising Managing Director Adam Oldfield, Force24 has enjoyed sustained positive growth and is now the UK’s leading fully outsourced marketing automation business.



Our journey

Our people

Force24 is truly people first. Not because a happy team means happy customers. Not because it has an impact on our bottom line. But because it's the right thing to do. 

We're dedicated to making Force24 an amazing place to work. A place where our team's health, happiness and wellbeing is paramount. 

Our people are our strength, helping us grow and develop every day

Q&A with our directors

Where did Force24 come from?

Adam: The whole idea felt like it was packaged and sent from above. Within 10 minutes of thinking about it, I knew the name and I knew what I wanted the system to do.

That’s when I got to work on a killer sales presentation. I felt if I had that as a starting point, it would always get me where I needed to be.

Nick: The idea had been built upon years of working as and with marketeers. Hearing their problems and understanding their barriers. Force24's mission from the very start was to make marketers lives easier.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Adam: Technology. And, as in any business, finance. As a self-funded business, we’ve grown at an incredible rate, but it hasn’t been easy. Especially when it’s so tough to find the level of skill we need here in the UK to build and manage our platform.

Nick: Having such a unique proposition has been a massive challenge in itself.

Marketeers have been sleepwalking in the direction that the SAAS platforms want them to for years. SAAS is scalable and great for shareholder value, but it’s not what the market needs or wants, which is giving the whole industry a bad reputation.

What are you most proud of?

Nick: The great partnerships we’ve built with clients who have driven us, and our technology, forward.

Adam: It would be easy to look back and say we’re most proud of where we are and how we got here. But it’s not the case. We’re happy with the direction we’re headed in, but we’re not ‘there’ yet. We’re incredibly ambitious.

It’s really the little things that make us proud day-to-day. When one of the team – any member of the team – challenges me to see things in a different way. I think ‘wow’.

How have you seen Marketing Automation change over the years, and where does it go from here?

Adam: Marketing Automation used to mean sending an email on a specific day.  These days, more and more marketeers are pushing developments in platform capabilities, propelling Force24 further ahead of the game as we continue to take inspiration from our clients. It’s all to play for.

More marketeers are pushing developments in platform capabilities, propelling Force24 further ahead of the game as we continue to take inspiration from our clients.

Nick: Absolutely, and our focus is to spread the word far and wide. Marketing Automation is no longer strictly for B2B corporates for their prospecting activities. We’re seeing more B2C giants getting in on the action, focusing on customer interactions, as well as mid-tier companies, which we’re expecting to spread right through to SMEs.

What makes Force24 so successful and why has nobody else tried to replicate it?

Adam: Our unique blend of technology and people gives us the nod against the closest thing to our competition. We’re marketeers who understand the problems faced by other marketeers, we’re not software salesmen. We always put marketing first.

Nick: And our structure is reflective of that, somewhere right in the middle of brilliant technology and inspiring creativity. To attempt to build a hybrid like ours would be massively ambitious. That said, we welcome it. The more competition out there, the more marketeers speaking our language.

So, what's next?

Adam: Onwards and upwards. We intend to keep growing, steadily and strongly. We will continue to push the boundaries with innovations inspired by our people; be it our staff or our clients.

Our people make what we do unique