Technology to gather
A team to use it.

Gather intelligence to make the most of every contact

Force24 allows marketers to create relevant and engaging content that your prospects are hungry for, rather than content they simply tolerate. Using data gathered through observing user behaviour and predictive analytics, the Force24 platform learns and adapts your campaign to each contact.

Relevant, dynamic emails are capable of driving 18x more revenue than broadcast email. 
Is it time you learned more about your subscribers? 


Buyer personas

Buyer personas

Identify and target contacts most likely to convert

Force24 will identify your buyer personas and profile your subscribers so you understand who you’re targeting and what their typical behaviour is, ensuring you can tailor relevant and targeted communications.

  • Target prospects with content most likely to be relevant to them from the word go
  • Create efficient campaigns with a clear target audience profile
  • Bypass the gatekeeper and target the person most likely to need what you’re offering
Objection handling

Objection handling

Overcome objections to protect your leads

From price pains to service sufferings, it’s easy when, like us, you’ve seen it all before. We can help to identify drop-out points and create strategies to capture those leads before they get lost, retargeting and nurturing until they are ready to buy.

  • Communicate your USPs based on your prospect's individual pain point
  • Show your prospects why you’re exactly what they need
  • Stay in front of the prospect’s until they’re ready to buy

Intelligence gathering

Intelligence gathering

Ask prospects relevant questions to gain insight

Force24 allows you to engage in a two-way digital conversation with your subscribers. The Intelligence Gatherer has the ability to ask relevant questions to gain insight and tailor content to each individual subscriber. 

  • Get valuable insight, directly from your subscriber
  • Gain intelligence to direct your customer journey
  • Boost brand engagement
Subscription preferences

Subscription preferences

Reduce opt-outs by putting your subscribers in control

Sending too often? Not often enough? Not relevant? You don’t need to lose your valuable subscribers. Instead, offer them an alternative.  

Force24’s Subscription Preferences gives subscribers the option of staying in touch on their terms and results in heightened engagement. 

  • Ensure subscribers receive only the most relevant content
  • Reduce spam complaints and improve deliverability
  • Make your subscribers feel like they’re in control

Convert the right leads at the right time.