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Did you know that more people in the world own a mobile phone than a toothbrush? With such densely populated airwaves, it’s never been more important to ensure your messages are being sent with mobile users in mind, and that, when delivered, they’re standing out from the crowd. With a strict character limit, it can be difficult to create razor-sharp, SMS-ready messaging, but done right, it can massively improve your overall campaign performance.

76% are more likely to read a SMS sooner than an email.

Force24 helps you get your message heard, quickly.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing

Why implement mobile marketing in your marketing strategy?

  • Encourage contacts to engage with your brand when they’re out and about 
  • Make sure important messages, such as order updates, are delivered and read
  • Get time-sensitive messages out in an instant

As good as guaranteed dialogue with your subscribers

SMS is arguably the most intrusive approach to direct marketing, which has its upsides and downsides. The good news is that, with SMS, you’re almost guaranteed to be noticed. However, being noticed too often, or with the wrong approach could seriously harm your reputation, so tread carefully. Force24’s subtle approach to SMS marketing strikes the delicate balance between being invisible and too aggressive, for maximum impact.


Nursery comms

An initial journey to welcome your customers is the perfect time to introduce SMS. Monitor the response closely for more effective journey planning moving forward, using it more often where engagement is good and less often where engagement is poor.

Intelligence gathering

Asking simple questions can tell you a lot about your subscribers, and the information gathered could be pivotal in securing purchases from them in the future. Asking via SMS makes it as easy as possible for them to get involved, even when they’re on the go.

Cart abandonment

There are many reasons that someone might abandon their basket before committing to a purchase. The good news is that they’ve already done all of the hard work, so why not give them the final nudge they need on the device they probably use more than any other?

Refer a friend

What better way to get a customer to refer you to a friend than to ask them to do so on the device that they more than likely use to speak to them?


SMS is a quick and easy way to ask for feedback. Direct to their mobile phone, the user will feel as inclined to review as if a friend were asking, making for genuine and useful answers.

Transactional comms

Whether everything is under control, or you need to warn them of potential issues, keep your customers in the loop on recent purchases with important updates on payment and delivery information, straight to their pocket.

Let us help you to build efficient and effective customer lifecycles

We work as an extension of your own team, with support every step of the way. From building powerful creative to make sure you’re saying and showing your message in the right way, to ensuring your pitch perfect message is being heard with a dedicated team of deliverability experts.

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