Customer Retention

Keep customers coming
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Customer Retention

Over the last few years, the main focus of marketers has definitely been on acquisition strategies, but that is finally changing, with more and more time and budgets being split to give customer retention the attention it deserves.

The problem is that retention can be very expensive. To keep customers satisfied, you have to provide good service when they need it. To keep them loyal, you have to go the extra mile. Treating your online customers with the same care and attention that you would one who was standing right in front of you can be difficult and expensive to master. But not with Force24.

A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one.

Force24 makes increasing the life time value of your customers effortless

Customer retention

Customer retention

Customer retention made easy

  • Automate communications with loyal customers for strong relationships without the effort

  • Combine courtesy emails and sales messaging for a perfect blend of brand loyalty and revenue

  • Encourage positive word of mouth and grow brand awareness

In with the new

When it comes to retention, we know that keeping the costs low and the ROI high is your priority, and that’s why we’ve built a range of solutions to help you achieve just that.

Nursery comms

First impressions are everything, even in marketing. Setting new customers on a journey built specifically for them, explaining the benefits of working with you over your competitors and giving them exclusive information and promotions will go a long way.

Cross channel automation

Mix up your means of communication utilising email, direct mail and SMS depending on the context of the message. For time-sensitive messages, use SMS for almost guaranteed instant engagement.

Subscription preferences

Give your customers the freedom to choose what they want to hear from you to ensure you’re only sending relevant information, protecting your brand’s reputation.


Get useful feedback on what’s working and what isn’t for your company as well as making your customers feel like their opinion is valuable.

Dynamic content

Tailor your messaging to suit your customers based on their engagement history and website activity, to ensure what you’re sending is relevant.



Cart abandonment

Keep an eye on your customers’ activity, pushing for any potential sales that go uncompleted.

Upselling and cross selling

Send relevant upsell and cross sell messaging to your customers based on what they have bought or shown interest in previously.


Transactional comms

Keep your customers in the loop regarding orders, delivery and charges by sending dual-purpose transactional messages, maintaining customer loyalty and reinforcing your brand.

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