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As a marketing manager, it can feel like you’re spinning plates. Responsible for everything on your campaigns from strategy and planning to analysis and learning the lessons, extra support is a necessity.   

Our job is to offer just that; support. Your dedicated account manager will oversee everything from strategy, to creative, to delivery, so you can get back to doing what you do best.  

A fully-outsourced extension of your marketing team, we’re digital marketing experts with razor sharp attention to detail.

Too often software services rely upon marketing teams to shoulder the burden; from implementation and training, to management and execution of campaigns and understanding the outputs in terms of results.

That’s not us. And that’s just how we want to stay.

We truly take the stress out of on-boarding. We take on your entire campaign and all the channels you want to use, and create a bullet-proof strategy focused on your goals. Our in-house marketing experts harness Force24’s sophisticated Marketing Automation Platform to ensure you achieve success for your bottom line.



Identifying what makes you tick

With years of experience, your dedicated account manager will tease all the relevant information from you, so we can ensure your automation campaigns have real impact. Not just on opens and clicks, but on your bottom line.



Planning strategies to grow your profits

Armed with the information gleaned during the discovery phase, your dedicated account manager will work alongside our Creative Director to develop a campaign strategy. This carefully planned strategy will contain journeys personalised to your subscribers, with tactics proven to push subscribers along the journey through Nurture, Learn, Convert and finally Retain. 



Creating designs with commercial intent

Our creative team are experts in optimising email for conversion. Forget the ‘fluff’, they are commercial thinkers, focused on your goals. 

Your experienced account manager takes the stress and frustration out of the creative process. They apply their know-how to your strategy, to deliver a clear brief to our in-house creative studio. They manage the back-and-forth until we know we have a winning piece, and present back to you our best idea.

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Saying goodbye to spreadsheets and data headaches

Without good data, ROI from campaigns will be hard to find.

But don’t worry, your account manager will handle all of that for you. No more spreadsheets and no more merging, filtering, deduping…

Force24 also stores all of your data safely, within the UK. 

Data management



Campaign execution you don’t need to touch

Make the painstaking task of executing campaigns a thing of the past. We take the pressure off you by handling the whole process in-house. With razor sharp attention to detail and a precise understanding of how you like your campaigns to be delivered, we deal with campaign execution so you don’t have to.  

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No need to overthink marketing automation 

Marketing automation is our thing. We take your goals, your challenges and your ambitions to implement campaign rules and fully automated cycles that work for you. 

Our marketing automation platform is fully managed by your account manager, so you don’t need to be involved in the day-to-day. We set up and manage everything from prospect lifecycles to retargeting, from dynamic content campaigns to brand-specific retention programs. 

Don’t worry, it’s what we’re here for. 


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Measure every detail. Act on the ones that matter.

We measure everything from the basic; open rates, CTRs and bounces, to the complex; inbox placement, web activity, engagement levels and much more. 

We don’t just measure for vanity. We use the intelligence gathered from campaigns and subscriber activity to produce insightful reports. This, in turn, facilitates informed decisions on campaign direction. We look for opportunities, trends in the data, and bucks in the trends. Our goal? To get you more bang for your buck.   


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