VitalityHealth: Telesales Integration

VitalityHealth – formerly known as PruHealth – is a leading provider of premium health insurance in the UK, providing employers with the support they need to maintain a healthy and happy workforce.

The challenge

VitalityHealth were looking for a partner to assist them in the successful alignment of marketing and sales. They wanted to prove to both teams that the other was a help, not a hindrance, so they needed a bullet-proof integration of the two departments which could happen quickly and seamlessly to cause minimal disruption for maximum results.



Working with VitalityHealth is a real privilege. We have the opportunity to help shape a marketing strategy which really embraces marketing automation for one of the UK's leading insurers.

Adam Oldfield, Managing Director


Force24 integrated with the VitalityHealth sales platform to generate a live data feed from telesales. Telemarketers can select a response code after each call, immediately updating the system with the outcome. Relevant retargeting communications are triggered, to keep the hot leads warm until their next call.



VitalityHealth is now able to control the message, tone and style of communications, to create a consistent and engaging journey for prospects. Force24’s sophisticated live data feed has facilitated an effective retargeting strategy, automatically logging and following-up on telesales calls.