Masternaut: Objection handling

Masternaut is Europe’s leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions for businesses, helping fleet managers stay in control of their costs and workforce with advanced technology and support.

The challenge

Before approaching Force24, Masternaut had no strategy in place for objection handling. With no follow-up communications to retarget prospects after the initial sales call, the company was losing valuable leads. 

Building on the campaign’s success to-date, we're looking forward to developing the journey for prospects in each segment, nurturing them with a series of communications over several months in a bid to increase conversion rates further.

Adam Oldfield, Managing Director


Force24 worked with Masternaut to categorise the challenges faced by telesales staff into 5 main objections. Using the telesales function on the Force24 portal, agents were able to log the reason for objection which then triggers a relevant automated journey designed to softly nurture these leads in the days after the initial call.