Hammonds: Efficiency with marketing automation

A friendly, family-run business, Hammonds has grown over the last 80+ years to become the UK's leading fitted bedroom company. They pride themselves on two defining factors; their exceptional-quality products and their personal service, intended to make their customers feel like part of the family, and deliver a "wow" factor. They needed a marketing strategy to fit the same philosophy.

The challenge

Before discovering Force24, Hammonds relied on costly direct mail, designed and fulfilled by an array of different suppliers.

They needed a cost-effective but impactful solution; that’s when they met Adam.

They explained their frustrations about the difficulty of getting a personalised message to their customers and prospects quickly and easily. And more importantly, one that would convert.

They emphasised the value of referrals and recommendations for the business and how they required a solution to convert leads into buyers and buyers into brand ambassadors. 

We're incredibly proud to be working with such a well-known retailer.

Adam Oldfield, Managing Director


Based on the brief, Force24 pulled together its internal resource to create a marketing strategy that took into consideration contacts at all stages of the buying cycle, from prospects to customers.

Stage one of the lifecycle is to warm the main database by sending regular ‘global’ emails. Simple and to the point, these emails are at the core of our marketing strategy with Hammonds. They allow us to observe our audience and learn about their likes and dislikes; what they engage with and what turns them off.

The aim of this is to make the subscriber feel valued by offering special discount codes and first looks into sales and promotions.

When the contact has been fully integrated into the main lifecycle, we then use intelligence gathered through interaction and engagement to target them on a more personal level. Sending promotions that we think are relevant and only informing them of events that are hosted in their area. 

Due to the nature of the company, it has never been more important to put the effort into converting leads to sales when the prospect or customer is ready. With a fairly hefty price tag and the guarantee of long-lasting, quality products, it is vital that the opportunities are maximised when someone is ready to commit to a sale. We ensure that the hottest leads are properly followed up when a design visit or brochure is requested to ensure we’re closing the deals.

When a sale has been made, the contact then enters a 12-month cycle to ensure we’re still speaking to them and keeping them engaged with Hammonds as a brand. They’ll receive cross sell and upsell messaging to maximise on the opportunities and will be encourage to make incentivised referrals.