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  • 21st July 2016

Brexit: What does it mean for marketing automation?

Brexit: What does it mean for marketing automation?

It’s actually only a couple of weeks since the results of the EU referendum were announced. But there has been so much conversation and debate surrounding the Brexit decision that it already feels like months since we first heard the news.

The sheer scale of change that will undoubtedly come with the departure from the European Union also means we’re likely to be talking about the subject for months, if not years, to come.

But what does Brexit mean for marketing automation? Will digital marketers be affected? Is there anything specific we need to focus our efforts and attention on?

For me, one of the key objectives for marketers should be to ensure complete data compliance. We spoke only recently about the importance of data sovereignty, reminding our blog readers that, under the principles of the Data Protection Act, data which originated in the European Economic Area (EEA) should ideally remain in the EEA.

This requirement will become even more pressing with Brexit. Marketers should therefore ensure their customers’ data is held within the UK and cannot be accessed by anyone outside of the country.

As a result of the developments I think we’ll see more MA providers investing in UK data centres to adhere to the rules – they’ll risk non-compliance or a loss of market share if not. 

Thankfully we’ve ensured our technology is UK built, managed and housed, from day one, so that clients have utmost peace of mind regarding their data security and legal abidance.

So, whilst data sovereignty has been overlooked for some time this cannot continue – the cost of a data breach is certainly something marketers wouldn’t be able to ignore!

In the face of economic uncertainty we’ve also heard rumours of some brands reducing their marketing budgets since the Brexit announcement. In some respects this caution is understandable, but it’s also important to remember that customers seek signs of confidence. The role of continued, positive communication is therefore key. And, where budgets do become tighter, there’s even more reason to invest in marketing automation that can ensure a laser focused approach!

If you want to ensure your customer data is not at risk, and lends itself towards current legislation, there's advice available in our jargon-free guide Data Protection, Handling & HousingAlternatively, contact us for a quick chat.



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