• Adam Oldfield
  • 16th April 2012

Beat stamp price increase with automated direct mail

We know that more and more of you are looking for new new cost-effective ways to manage your direct mail marketing campaigns, following the announcement by the Royal Mail that the price of stamps is set to increase at the end of April.

The cost of a first-class stamp will rise from 46p to 60p whilst a second-class stamp will rise from 36p to 50p. The increases will have major cost implications for companies that market themselves via direct mail, pushing up the cost of first-class mail by 30% and second-class mail by 39%.

In reaction to the increases, a number of companies have asked about ways to reduce the postage costs associated with direct mail marketing campaigns.

For companies that send a high volume of direct mail, these increases could mean incurring massively higher costs. However, by using a smart mail system like Force24, companies are able to cherry pick who they send their direct mail to, based on the history and engegemnt level of the prospects making campaigns more targeted. The result is better results for less money.

Force 24’s automated direct mail system captures customer data via a company’s website or from an existing CRM application and identifies those prospects that are most interested in receiving direct mail marketing communication. This means businesses can invest their marketing budget wisely engaging further with prospective customers most likely to respond. The result is far fewer unopened envelopes, reduced costs and a higher response rate.

The key is to know your data and send mail intelligently to those warmer prospects. This means overall costs are reduced and you are spending your money where there is the highest possible return on investment.

Force 24 also uses cross-marketing techniques to combine direct mail with email marketing. The result is not only more targeted direct mail but also a marked increase in the open rate of email newsletters and offers. By using these two marketing strategies together, companies can increase the success of their overall marketing campaigns. For example, after using our automated direct mail system, one client saw applications for its loyalty card grow by 48%, following just one integrated email and direct mail campaign.

Despite the rise in stamp prices, innovative marketing platforms such as smart mail systems mean that direct mail can actually be more cost-effective than ever before.

Adam Oldfield

Managing Director

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